Jewelry Care


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We love our gemstone and silver jewelry and

want to keep them looking good.


Here are some tips you may find helpful:



Wearing your silver jewelry on a regular basis is a good way to prevent tarnishing. When not wearing, it's best to keep your silver in air-tight bags or in an anti-tarnish jewelry box to prevent the natural tarnishing process. If your silver does tarnish, wipe with a high quality, non-abrasive silver polish or jewelry-polishing cloth. Or, believe it or not, even a little toothpaste diluted with water will brilliantly shine silver.



The right care can preserve and extend the life and keep your pearls looking great. Extreme dryness and heat can damage pearls. Pearls are also sensitive to perspiration, cosmetics, perfumes, and hair sprays. Since pearls are relatively soft, they can be easily scratched. It’s best to store them in a draw-string, silk, pouch.



Use rubbing alcohol or another disinfectant often, to clean ear wires on earrings, and to prevent infection.


Always take them off before going to sleep. This prevents damage to you and to your earrings.


A few extra tips:

Dust is abrasive to your jewelry. Always store your Jewelry in a dry, dust-free environment.


I recommend cleaning your silver and gemstone jewelry with a jewelry polishing cloth. I use one all the time and swear by it!

Always put jewelry on after applying cosmetics and perfumes, as these substances and chemicals may cause damage. 

Store jewelry separately so it won't scratch other pieces. This applies, especially, to pearls because of their softness.


Never store pearls in plastic bags! 

Store your beaded necklaces flat rather than hanging them to reduce stretching.



Jewelry Related Info.