Gemstone Meanings

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Each Gemstone is believed to have its own unique power to promote

good health and spiritual well being. 


The list below is a brief summary of some of the various gemstones

I use, and their powers and / or benefits.


Aventurine – Aids in the release of anxiety and fear. Helps with independence, health and well being. Also known for its purifying power.


Agates - A shell-like chalcedony that comes in many colors. Carnelian is a type of agate. Although it comes in quite a few different variations they are all used for protection. Protection from emotional pain, protection for travel and for bodily protection.


Amber - Amber is fossilized pine tree sap. It's a very powerful protector of children, and is also used to attract wealth. A gem known for its healing, soothing and harmonizing nature. Amber activates altruistic nature and spiritualizes the intellect.


Amethyst - Often used to reflect negativity and strengthen your intuition. It's considered an energizer. Amethyst is also excellent for meditation due to its calming effect.


Aquamarine - Its color is light to medium blue, sometimes with a hint of green. Beneficial for calming nerves, it purifies body, enhances clarity of mind, aids in creative self-expression. Aquamarine is considered excellent for meditation.


Carnelian - A brownish red, translucent to opaque chalcedony variety. Carnelian helps people overcome anger and establish self-control. Also used to stimulate career growth. 


Citrine – A golden quartz that is named from the French name for lemon, "citron." It is believed to symbolize happiness, remove toxins from the body and can be useful in the treatment of depression.


Fluorite – Fluorite is said to absorb and neutralize negative vibrations. It can be used as a meditation stone to help energize the body and raise the power of concentration and help in decision-making. 


Garnet - Available in many colors: dark reds, tangerine orange, vivid green, soft bluish-pink. Helps to strengthen, purify, vitalize and regenerate bodily systems and enhance imagination. Great for use in meditation.


Hematite – Is often used to reflect negativity and attract positivity. Hematite is also used to improve relationships and is good for increasing intuition. 


Jasper - is a powerful and protective stone. All variations of Jasper have excellent protective energies. Jasper also helps one seeking personal independence. It’s a stone of the earth and therefore a "grounding" stone.  It protects you from other people and from negative forces. Jasper can also keep you from being diverted from your goals.  


Malachite – is a gem of insight. It’s wonderful for people who are on a spiritual path, and also helps with recogition and releasing of negative experiences.


Moonstone - is used to attract love, compassion, and sympathy. It also enhances and promotes the connection between lovers.


Moss Agate - is a green hued stone. It aids in emotional balance and attracts prosperity.


Rhodochrosite - energizes and , stimulates warm feelings of love and compassion. It benefits the creative process and promotes intuition.  


Rose Quartz - This love gem is known for attracting peaceful, loving feelings, and compassion. It's calming affects helps clear stored anger, resentment, jealousy, and fears. It replaces negativity with harmony. Rose quartz also enhances self-confidence and creativity.


Smokey Quartz – is nature's stone of endurance. If you need an extra boost, wear smokey quartz. It promotes personal pride and joy in living, creativity in business, and it opens the path for perception and learning.


Sodalite – Sodalite brings inner peace. When you wear this stone its peaceful properties will flow all around you. Sodalite is a dark blue stone with interspersed white calcite and looks somewhat like lapis lazuli. It promotes peace and harmony, and brings extra luck to writers.


Sunstone – is a protective stone. It's worn to give extra energy when you are ill or under stress. Also known to stimulate sexual arousal and increase sexual energy, Sunstone increases self-healing power and promotes harmony among organ functions. 


Tiger eye - is considered an emotional balancer that enhances the connection between

personal power and will power. It's also helpful in grounding and centering oneself.


Turquoise - helps with creative expression, peace of mind, emotional balance, communication, friendship and loyalty.



Jewelry Related Info.